Achim B’yachad: The Greenblatt Shabbaton – Monsey 2017

41 children battling cancer or chronic diseases from Boro Park, Williamsburg, Staten Island, Monsey, Monroe, and Lakewood, were treated to an unforgettable weekend at the Greenblatt family in Monsey NY. It started off on Friday morning where the kids gathered in Billy Beez indoor play park where they raced through the Super Speed Slides, rode the Rainbow Wave, had an adventure through the Tunnel Slides, and reached high with The giant Ferris Wheel.

Beautifully decorated and delicious meals were prepared throughout the whole Shabbos. Stories, games, skits and other exciting programs were organized by R’ Yoel Nuchem Issacovitz from “Hayeludim” which kept the kids entertained and eased the pain and worries that constantly follow them. The kids had the privilege to meet the World renowned badchen Yoely Lebovitz who entertained and was mechazek the kids throughout the Shabbos.

Yoely concluded the Shabbos with a warm Carlebach Havdula followed by an uplifting kumzitz. On Motzei Shabbos an exciting Melava Malka – Pre Chanukah Party took place in The Pupa hall in Monsey. The kids were running from balloon modeling to the photo booth, from wax carving to the Soap Bubble Show. A full band was setup to enhance the ambiance joined by various singers including Chaim Blumenfeld, the Green Cousins and a special guest star from Israel Nussi Fuchs. Children and volunteers were dancing through the night, forgetting about all hardships they go through. Every child left with a full package which included a personalized Siddur, Tehillim, Krias Shema and of course with a huge smile of energy and chizuk to go on no matter where life will take them.

Achim B’yachad is the Chassidish division Of Chai Lifeline.

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