Asher Bara – Composed and Performed by Gobbie Cohn

This song was composed by Gobbie for his brother’s chasuna in 2010. It was recently re-arranged and produced by Ruli Ezrachi.

This video features a leibedig performance at a recent wedding; Gobbie was accompanied by the Zemer Orchestra of Baltimore led by Nossi Gross, (on saxophone) Steve Levin (keys), Dan Haverstock (trombone), Zack Smith (trumpet), Chuckie Epstein (drums), Elie Cohn (guitar), and Yaakov Englander (bass).

The energetic rhythm and expertly fluid arrangements of Ruli Ezrachi are well-served by the inimitably harmonious talent of the Zemiros Group led by Yoily Polatseck. Yoily beautifully harnessed the talents of his choir to complement Gobbie’s rhythmically exciting new rendition of Asher Bara.

Credit: Shiezoli

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