Avrum Chaim Green, Shira, and Freilich – Maskil L’duvid and Mibon Siach

Introducing: the Freilach Band Chuppa series, where we will bring you high-quality videos from some of the magnificent Chuppahs at which Freilach Band performs.

First up: Performed live at the Rockleigh Country Club, watch child soloist Avrum Chaim Green perform “Maskil L’Dovid” as an emotional ‘walk down’ tune. Then, an inspiring rendition of “Mi Bon Siach” is sung to the tune of “L’Maancha.”

Maskil L’Dovid, composed by Reb Moshe Goldman A”H, was released on Isaac Honig’s album “Adon Hakol” (1998) and has since become a staple ‘walk down’ song for hundreds of Chuppahs. It was arranged here by our very own Tzvi Blumenfeld.

L’Maancha was recorded by Eitan Katz as the title track of his 2005 album. It was arranged for this Chuppa by maestro Avremi G.

Video Credits:
Sung by: Avrum Chaim Green
Music by: Freilach Band/Avrumi Schreiber
Conducted by: Tzvi Blumenfeld
Vocals by: Shira Choir
Vocals Arranged by: Yoily Horowitz

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