Watch: In Honor of Upcoming Belz Wedding, New Belz Album “Nifloem” Released

On the eve of the big wedding in Belz of the Rebbe’s granddaughter, an album, a first of its kind in the world of Chassidic melody, is being released titled “Nifloem.”

The unique concept of the album is the fascinating musical connection between the Malchus Choir of Eretz Yisrael, under the direction of Pinchas Bichler, and the children choirs, which creates the unique and distinctive color of the album.

The composers are the greatest who have their signature on the dozens of greatest hits of all the years – Rav Yirmiya Daman, Rav Yosef Tzvi Bryer, Rav Shlomo Kalish, Rav Pinchas Friedman, Rav Eliyahu Eisenbach, and then the younger generation, Reb Shlomo Yaakov Fried, Reb Moshe Kalish, Reb Shimon Klein and others.

The concept and vocal processing were entrusted to Reb Pinchas Bichler, Conductor of the Malchus Choir. The musical arrangements were done by Suki Berry and Ari Farkash. Child soloists in the album are the choir led by Moishe Kraus, known as Yiddish Nachas, and the children’s choir of Anshi Eckstein of Montreal.

In order to produce the promo and tastings of the album, Malchus went down to the Belz quarter in Yerushalayim, close to the Belz Beis Medrash, where it recorded this preview.

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