Buchi Glick ft. The Yedidim Choir – “Hoishana” – A Shloimy Salzman Production

Buchi Glick is no foreigner to the European & UK Jewish Music Scene. If you stop any Jewish person in Manchester, London, Belgium, Switzerland​, Italy​,​ Israel, Spain​ & even Gateshead, they will most definitely have a smile on their face when hearing about Buchi ​G!

Hundreds of weddings & concerts he has entertained, and the time has arrived for Buch​i​ to become a household name in all Jewish homes across the globe​. ​​Be prepared to be blown away with the wondrous single “Hoishana​.”

Extraordinaire Producer & Rising Star, Shloimy Salzman from Manchester​, UK​ (Arranger of 4 tracks on Meilech Kohn’s album)​ – also working alongside stars such as Shmueli Ungar, Eli Marcus, Shloime Kaufman on their upcoming albums​ – was approached by Buch​i​ to produce and arrange his Debut Single.

Nachman Dreyer from the Freilach Band, Dor Assaraf from Israel​ & the Yedidim Choir feature on this track​​.​ ​The very talented Gershy Schwarcz of Edgware Studios ​mixed & mastered the track.

Credit: Shiezoli

Arranged & Produced – Shloimy Salzman
​Composed – ​Shloimy Salzman, Yanky Erlanger
Managed – Serge Fag​el​man & Meir Landau
Guitars – Nachman Dreyer
Saxophone – Dor Assaraf
Choir​ -​ ​Yedidim Choir / Lead By Moshy Kraus
Recorded​ @​ Salzman UK Studios / 80Hertz Studios
​Mixed by​ & Post Production​ – ​Gershy Schwarcz

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