2 Die, Multiple Injured After Bus Falls Off Cliff Near Ma’aleh Levona (Photos/Videos)

United Hatzalah EMT’s, Paramedics and Doctors from Yerushalayim, Binyamin, and the Shomron are responding to a bus that has fallen off the highway into the wadi near Ma’aleh Levona. Rescuers are having difficulty reaching the bus as it is located 400 meters down in the dark wadi.

Menachem Leff, Head of the Binyamin region of United Hatzalah said “This is a very difficult situation in which a bus has fallen off a cliff and dropped some 400 meters into the wadi below. United Hatzalah first responders who arrived at the scene have requested that lighting be brought, as well as search and rescue crews, fire rescue crews and helicopters to help reach those on the bus. Due to the extreme nature of the incident, volunteers have also been dispatched from the Yerushalayim and Shomron divisions of United Hatzalah.”

Michael Chai Cohen, a volunteer from United Hatzalah who arrived at the scene of the accident said, “I came from the town of Adam and when I arrived at the scene I had to head down to the bus by foot, together with the chapter head and other volunteers. We had to walk for 10 minutes in the rain and mud until we reached the bus. We requested helicopters to help evacuate the injured. Unfortunately, upon arrival, we found several victims who were unconscious and without a pulse.”

Eli Beer, Founder and President of United Hatzalah said in response to the accident “It is in times of tragedy such as these that we must come together and cooperate to save as many lives as we can. Our hearts go out to those who were hurt and killed in this incident, and to their families. United Hatzalah will always be there to help anyone in any way we can.”

Photos courtesy of Uri Davis

Photos courtesy of TPS/Hillel Maeir/Yitshak Schlissel



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