Camp Yeshiva – Remember 5777 – Official Music Video

Lyrics by Tzuki
Sung By Shikufitzky, Shlomie Tessler, Zevy Klein, Shia Goldring, Tzuki
Mixed by Silversonic Studio
Video by B&B Studios
Edited by Shikufitzky

Credit: Shiezoli


No one can deny
A great summer in CY
From the moment we said Hi
Till we said goodbye

Every night and day
Whether learning or at play
Every memory put away
And now it’s gone oy vey!

So grab your friend and spin
Pretend you’re in the gym
And think back to the best moments we’ve been!

Remember the balls and the strikes
All the walks and confusing hikes
Remember the slips in the mud
And every Kara Karahood

Remember the golf car that’s stuck
And the sad life of our duck
Remember the cheers and the yells
And of course stories nobody tells

Yeder Ainer…….
Ohhh Ohhh Ohhh Ohel Burich Krasneh Camp
Camp Yeshiva is the best camp in the mountains!
Ki Beor Punechu Nusatu Luni

Low 2
Thinking back its queer
Seems like we were just there
8 weeks without a care
Friend we held so dear

From the footage of the Drone
You can CY Camp sweet home
A place I call my home my home
CY achdus zone

Mid 2
So grab your friend and spin
We already have minyan
And think back to the best moments we’ve been

High 2
Remember the teams and the songs
Geshmake dancing going real strong
Remember the plays and the shows
And all the things that nobody knows

Remember the windshield that broke
And the AC – Ha Ha what a joke!
Remember learning geshmake
And missing every single sock

The Best Camp In The Mountains!
Camp Yeshiva oh oh oh

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