Chazzan Yoel Ausch and Shira Choir Perform “Bavir Duvid”

It’s not every day that a musical composition merits the opportunity to be performed by a vocalist the caliber of Chazzan Yoel Ausch. But a melody composed by legendary cantor Joseph Rumshinsky deserves the best vocal representation.

Engaging the room and the rafters around him to belt out a thundering rendition of the classic masterpiece, Ba’avur Dovid, Chazan Ausch joins Shira Choir in a meticulous, nuanced cantorial performance at the wedding of the son of Shira founder Shraga Gold.

Chazzan Ausch remains a most prolific Chassidic cantor, with few contemporaries in the Jewish world. In this delivery, his soaring vocals rise and fall with gravitas and awe, sweeping against the beautiful harmonies and softer inflections of Shira’s best voices, conducted by Shira’s talented musical director, Yoely Horowitz.

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