Crackdown on Palestinian Terror Infrastructure Continues with a Night of Raids and Arrests

Yehudah and Shomron (TPS) – Israeli security forces and intelligence agencies conducted a series of raids on Wednesday night in their ongoing campaign to eradicate terrorist infrastructures.

In several simultaneous targeted operations, IDF soldiers and Shomron District Police officers apprehended over a dozen suspects and seized arms intended for use by terrorists, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit announced on Thursday morning.

A total of 16 men were arrested last night, 14 suspects of terrorism and terror-related activities were detained in the Palestinian towns of Tulkarem, Kfar Kalil, and Al-Bireh. In addition, IDF troops arrested two Hamas operatives in the Bethlechem area.

Meanwhile, IDF soldiers in the Shechem and Chevron regions seized ammunition, firearms, and assorted military gear along with knives, axes, and swords intended to be used in stabbing attacks.

According to an IDF spokesperson, the security services also obtained information and material evidence to assist in their investigation of a terrorist car-ramming attack.

The car used in an attack near the Jewish community of Dolev was discovered in the Palestinian town of Beitunia and will be able to help investigators find the perpetrators of the attack that left three IDF soldiers with serious injuries.

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