David Taub & Yedidim International “The Chanukah Nigun”

A Brand New Single & Music Video was just released by the talented David Taub which is the second song of his upcoming beautiful project “Mein Neshomo Yeseira” which will feature songs from Viz’nitz Chasidus which he experienced while growing up.

In this song, David decided to highlight the phenomenal vocals of the talented Yedidim Choir International because he felt they would bring a special energy to this particular song.

About 36 years ago, every night after lighting the Chanukah candles the Yeshuas Moishe would ask his followers to sing this song. They sang it for no less than 10 minutes each and every night of Chanukah. Since then, the song has become known in Viznitz as “The Chanukah Nigun.”

Adaptation & Orchestration: David Taub
Vocals: Yedidim Choir International, David Taub
Choir Members: Yakov Rotblatt, Sinai Bermatz, Moti Rotler, Gil Israelov, Dudi Roth
Drums: Avi Avidani
Bass: Tzur Ben Zev
Guitars: Avi Singolda
Trumpet: Rafi Davidov, Natan Birman
Trombone: Shachar Livneh
Strings: Bannet Symphony group

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