Deputy Sheriff’s Split-Second Reaction on Encountering Armed Motorist

At 6:45 am last Friday morning, an SUV stopped on the shoulder of a suburban roadway in Douglas County, Colorado aroused the attention of Deputy Sheriff Brad Proux. As he approached the driver’s door to investigate if the driver needs any help, the motorist, later identified as 25-year-old Rivas-Maestas, lunged out of the vehicle with an assault rifle in his hand and threw the rifle at the officer. The sheriff was thrown to the ground and in a fraction, took out his gun, fired, and hit the suspect in the hand.

The rifle was later found to be unloaded, and it is unclear why the suspect threw the gun at the officer and what he was doing at the side of the road. Douglas County Chief, Doug Stephens called Proux a hero for his quick reaction and his calm, professional handling of the situation.

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