Egypt Demands Hamas Hand Over ISIS Terror Suspects

Jerusalem (Andrew Friedman/TPS) – Egypt has presented Hamas with a list of conditions that must be met before talks in improving relations between the two parties can take place.

Egypt has given Hamas a list of 20 suspected Islamic State-affiliated terrorists it wants Hamas to hand over. Cairo has rejected Hamas’ offer to hand over only 2-3 suspects, saying it insisted all of them be handed over to Egyptian authorities for questioning.

In addition, Egypt is insisting Hamas agree to tighten control of the Sinai-Gaza border, especially the network of tunnels it has dug under the border. Egypt has accused Hamas of allowing the gangs that operate the tunnels to work with ISIS in northern Sinai. It says ISIS uses the tunnels to smuggle activists into Gaza, and weapons from Gaza to ISIS.

It is unclear whether Egypt has coordinated its position with Qatar, Hamas’ main supporter in the Arab world.

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