The Freilach Band ft. Pumpidisa – S’ee Einayich

Watch the debut of S’ee Einayich being performed live for the very first time by Brothers Tzvi and Matt Levin from Pumpidisa, and Freilach band.

The song, composed by Yigal Minah, excites in it’s simplicity and catchiness and promises to be one of the most popular songs of the new season. It was performed live at a wedding on June 25, 2017, in the stunning Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel by Freilach Band and arranged by Nachman Dreyer, who also facilitated it.

שאי עינייך וראי
שאי סביב עינייך וראי
כולם נקבצו באו לך
לכתך אחרי במדבר בארץ לא זרועה

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