Hamas Appoints New West Bank Head of Operations

By Yona Schnitzer/TPS

Hamas has appointed Maher Ubaid, a prominent member of the organization who served time in Israeli jails and was eventually banished to southern Lebanon in December 1992 by Defense Minister Yitzhcak Rabin, along with 414 other Hamas operatives, to head up the group’s terror operations in the West Bank.

According to media reports, Ubaid is believed to be operating from abroad, presumably Beirut, coordinating operations for Hamas’ “West Bank Desk,” which operates out of Gaza, and consists of terrorists from the West Bank who were released in the Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange and exiled to the Gaza Strip. Their knowledge of the Yehudah and Shomron region is assumed to help them plan attacks.

Hamas did not assume responsibility for Tuesday night’s shooting attack, which took the life of 35-year-old Rabbi Raziel Shevach, but they did issue a statement in support of the shooting.

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