Hezbollah Sends Mentally Ill Lebanese Civilian To Test Israeli Border Readiness

By Yona Schnitzer/TPS

IDF forces detained a mentally ill Lebanese civilian as he crossed the border into Israel, an army spokesman said Monday. The spokesman said the man had been sent by Hezbollah to test Israel’s responses.

The man was spotted before he crossed the border, was kept under surveillance and was detained by IDF forces close to the point of entry into Israel.

He told security forces that he had been sent by two Hezbollah operatives – Mahadi and Ali Shahrur – two brothers from Habboûch in Southern Lebanon, who took him to a drop-off point near the border and threatened that if he did not carry out the mission, they would forcefully admit him to a psychiatric facility.

The two brothers’ objective seemed to be to check the readiness of IDF forces on the Lebanese borders, as well as to test the electronic fence installed on the border, which alerts the IDF when it is breached.

“In this instance, as well as others, Hezbollah continues to take advantage of the people of Lebanon, and to violate decisions made by the U.N Security Council,” the army spokesperson said.

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