IDF Unveils Lab That Cracked Hamas Tunnels

By Yona Schnitzer/TPS

Just hours after the IDF revealed that it had destroyed the longest and deepest Hamas attack tunnel crossing into Israel, the army unveiled its ‘Tunnel Lab.’

Established two years ago, and currently headed by Captain ‘Bet,’ a chemical and electrical engineer, the lab employs the brightest minds the IDF has to offer in their respective fields, including members of the IDF Technological Corps, physicists, biologists and intelligence personnel. The lab combines knowledge from the various fields in order to locate, monitor and destroy tunnels, as well as to develop new groundbreaking technologies to combat the growing threat.

״We have the ability to coordinate between technology, operational requirement and the soldiers in the field,” Captain Bet said in a video released by the IDF as he spoke with his back to the camera to conceal his identity. “The presence of technology people in the field in combination with personnel from intel and geology leads to operational successes that we didn’t see a couple of years ago.”

“What happens here is that the combat soldiers scan the field and provide us with the data. We use that data to compile various different types of graphs that can point to changes underground, and that is essentially how you discover a tunnel,” one of the lab’s soldiers added.

In recent months, the Tunnel Lab has been responsible for the location of five different tunnels which were later destroyed in coordination with the IDF Engineering Corps. Recently, the lab was awarded a certificate of excellence by the IDF’s Technology and Logistics division.

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