The International Yom Tefillah for Cholei Yisroel – Kapayim – Wednesday January 10th, 2018

This song, composed by renowned Motty Illowitz and performed by wonder child soloist Shimmy Weberman and MK Studios, tells the true story of a young boy caught in the throes of emotional turmoil.

He explains the anguish of being caught between his oldest sister getting married, and his baby brother having been diagnosed with the dreaded disease, two weeks before the wedding.

Will there be a wedding? How will we be able to dance?

But – Kapayim stood at their side, throughout the ordeal in-town, and even accompanied the little child to the out-of-town facility for treatment, so that the parents could give their eldest daughter, the kallah, and the rest of the family, the attention they needed at this auspicious time.

For dozens of families, this is the reality they live with.

With the Tehillim on one side, and the angels of Kapayim on the other side, families suffering from medical illnesses are supported daily, discreetly, and with the utmost dignity given to the patients and their families.

Kapayim’s 850 members, ensure that no matter what circumstances a family finds themselves in during illness, they will get the help that’s needed to continue to function as normally as possible, despite the diagnosis.

Please join in supporting this very worthy cause in honor of the Yom Tefillah V’tzeduka that will be held on January 10th iy”h for Choilei Yisroel, and in support of Kapayim.

Please contribute generously, as the funds are desperately needed.

Donate online at and help Kapayim reach the goal of $1,314,000 by January 10th.

Thank You!

Tizke l’mitzvos!

The Tehillim Campaign

On January 10th, 2018, once again, for the 3rd year, thousands of men, women and children across the spectrum of Jewish communities throughout the world will unite for an auspicious day of tefillah and tzedakah for choilei yisroel. Tens of thousands of yidden will say – Choilei Yisroel – I’m here for you!

Neighborhood hosts will gather with their neighbors and friends to complete sefer tehillim and donate towards Kapayim, men in their workplaces and kollelim, children of all ages in their schools, yeshivos, and chadarim – to beseech rachmei shamayim for the kinderlach in our communities who suffer the effects of medical illness. Whether the patient is a child or parent – the entire family unit is affected. Kapayim says to choilei yisroel- I’m here for you, 365 days a year. Kapayim is there to ease the suffering, and enable the home to function as normally as possible. Kapayim sees the need, hears the silent (and not so silent) cries, and understands how desperately the tefillos are needed.

By sponsoring a sefer of tehillim the awesome powers of tefilla and tzedaka are combined, on a day that will surely bring yeshuos and refuos to all participants, and enable the dedicated members of Kapayim’s vast network of shelichim to continue providing support for choilei yisroel in our communities every single day.

The zechus is double-fold!

How can one not say – Ribono shel Olam – I’m here for you!

Credit: Shiezoli

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