Internet Filter



Are you still searching for the optimal Internet filter? Does your filter not allow playback of some JewishTidbits videos because they are hosted on YouTube? Now, there is a solution.

At JewishTidbits, although we recently started hosting most of our videos on our own server, some videos are still hosted on Youtube. Nevertheless, that does not mean that your device has to have full YouTube access to watch our videos. NativUSA, as well as TAG, have the ability to block YouTube and only allow access to videos on JewishTidbits. The Nativ and TAG filters are highly customizable and provide dedicated support teams that will guide you through the setup process, as well as full customer support for any issue that may arise.

Nativ is now offering a special 90-day free trial period via our sign up link. 

Sign Up for the NativUSA Filter

Note: Nativ is currently only available for desktop computers and not for mobile devices, TAG offers solutions for mobile devices too.

If you currently have TAG  on your device and can’t watch videos on JewishTidbits, please contact your local TAG office and ask them to add JewishTidbits to your whitelist for video as well.



JewishTidbits does not endorse Internet use. The Internet should only be used with proper filtration and Rabbinical guidance.

JewishTidbits is not affiliated with Nativ or TAG.