Israel To Beef Up Old City Security In Wake of Terror Attacks


Israel will make major changes to security arrangements at the Shar Shechem entrance to Yerushalayim’s Old City, Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan said Thursday. Erdan’s comments came in the wake of last week’s combined shooting and stabbing attack by three Palestinian terrorists in which a 23-year-old Border Police officer Hadas Malka was killed.

“Shar Shechem has become a symbol of Palestinian terrorism. There have been 32 terror attacks in the area of Shar Shechem in the past two years and I can tell you that we are going to make unprecedented changes to security arrangements there,” Erdan said.

Speaking at the annual Herzliya Conference, Erdan paid tribute to Malka and to Hadar Cohen, another female border police officer who was killed in a terrorist attack in almost exactly the same location in April 2016, Erdan said: “Today, when civilians are on the frontline, alongside our traditional heroes such as pilots and infantry soldiers, the police are the first to provide a response to terrorism. Our policemen and policewomen, like Hadas Malka and Hadar Cohen, who protect us and provide security to our towns, are the heroes of the hour.”

Erdan said Israel would demand international cooperation to put an end to the incitement, terror and violence emanating from the Palestinian Authority, the PLO and Fatah – all led by [Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas] Abu Mazen on a daily basis.”

Israel, Erdan continued, must state loudly and clearly that “Palestinian incitement, a culture of violence and hatred cultivated by Abu Mazen and by Yasser Arafat before him, and the Palestinian refusal to recognize the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish state within any borders are the primary obstacle to peace.”

Erdan called on Trump’s Middle East adviser Jason Greenblatt and his senior adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner, who visited Israel and the Palestinian Authority this week to try and jump-start peace negotiations, to tell the Palestinians unequivocally that “as long as Abu Mazen funds incitement, the US will not fund Abu Mazen.”

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