Israel to Donate Veterinary Vaccine to Hamas

Yerushalayim (Yoni Ariel/TPS) – Israel has agreed to donate 30,000 doses of vaccine to help prevent the spread of foot and mouth disease in Gaza. Foot and mouth is a serious and highly infectious virus that affects mostly cattle and sheep. Although not usually fatal, it causes significant economic damage. It is not dangerous to humans.

The first cases in Gaza were reported several weeks ago. The Hamas administration in Gaza did not report the outbreak to Israeli authorities, in violation of international agreements. As a result, Israel did not take any preventive action, and the virus crossed the border and started infecting Israeli herds.

Only after the disease had begun infecting animals in Israel did Hamas authorities finally report that the disease had broken out in Gaza several weeks ago.

Israel immediately began vaccinating all herds in the infected area. In addition, Israel agreed to transfer 30,000 doses of vaccine to Gaza, to help the Hamas administration combat the outbreak before it gets out of control.

Dafna Yourista, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Agriculture, confirmed that the disease does not affect humans in any way. “Even if someone inadvertently consumes milk or meat from a sick animal, nothing will happen to them.” “The disease, if not treated properly, can cause major economic damage, primarily significantly reduced milk production.”

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