Katz and Netanyahu: No Nuclear Deal Better than Bad Nuclear Deal

By Yona Schnitzer/TPS

Annulling the 2015 Iran nuclear deal outright would be preferable to maintaining the current “bad deal,” Transportation and Intelligence Minister Israel Katz said Tuesday.

Speaking to Army Radio, Katz said he and Prime Minister Netanyahu have encouraged US President Donald Trump to make good on his campaign promise to either “fix” or discard the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, signed between the Islamic Republic and the so-called P5+1 – China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States and Germany – , commonly known as the Iran nuclear deal.

Trump, who repeatedly called the deal “a disaster” during his campaign for president but declined to pull out of the treaty after taking office, has until May 12 to certify that Iran is honoring the deal or to withdraw.

“We have conveyed a simple message [to Trump],” said Katz, “Either drastically change the deal, or cancel it. It’s better to have no deal than a bad one.”

Asked if he sees a scenario in which the President actually does pull out of the deal, Katz said, “First of all it’s his decision… but he has already conveyed his stance that the deal must be altered or canceled.”

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu also said the deal should be “altered at its core, or canceled altogether, and added that Israel’s staunch opposition to the nuclear agreement is consistent with long-standing policy.

“Israel policy has not changed since the days of (former Prime Minister Menachem) Begin. Israel will not allow regimes which are striving to destroy us to obtain nuclear weapons,” Netanyahu said at an event commemorating Israel’s 70th year of independence at the Menachem Begin Center in Yerushalayim.

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