Large Bomb Found At Border Crossing, Major Independence Day Terrorist Attack Foiled


Security guards at the Reihan Crossing near Jenin found a large bomb hidden in the tarpaulin roof of a Palestinian truck on Tuesday afternoon, shortly before the start of Independence Day celebrations

Image of the discovered bomb
Photo of the truck that transported the bomb

Defense Ministry officials described the bomb as “powerful” and said sappers were working to dismantle it. The driver of the truck was arrested, officials said.

Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman praised security guards at the crossing and said Israel would lay its hands on the terrorists.

“The alertness and professionalism of the Defense Ministry Crossing Authorities’ guards led to the discovery of the bomb and prevented a major terrorist attack on Israel’s 70th Independence Day. We will chase down those who planned to strike us on our day of festivity and we will lay our hands on them,” Liberman tweeted.

The head of the Crossing Authority, Erez Sidon, security guards had acted “exactly as we would expect” and had foiled plans to to carry out a terrorist attack on Independence Day.

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