Major Fire Breaks Out Near Residential Building in Tzfas

Large MDA forces including ambulances, mobile intensive care units and Medi-Cycles are on the scene of a fire burning in an open area near a residential building in Tzfas. MDA is prepared to respond to further escalations and is fully coordinated with the Police and Fire Department. MDA EMTs and paramedics have already provided preliminary medical treatment and evacuated seven patients who suffered from smoke inhalation to Ziv Hospital in mild condition.

Eli Peretz, Manager of the MDA Yarden Region reported: “Large MDA forces arrived on the scene including ambulances, mobile intensive care units, and MDA standby medics on Medi-Cycles. We noticed thick smoke throughout the area and fire that had spread across several homes. Together with the Police and Fire Department, we remain prepared to provide medical treatment to those who require it. We are also conducting searches for people who may be trapped in homes. Gladly, there aren’t any individuals trapped or badly hurt at this point. To this moment, MDA EMTs and paramedics provided preliminary medical treatment to seven adults who reside in the neighborhood and suffered from smoke inhalation. They were evacuated to Ziv Hospital in mild condition. We remain prepared on the scene and hope that the incident concludes shortly with no additional victims.”

Photos and video by MDA Spokesperson

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