MBD Disco Medley – Yidi Gross feat. Sruly Werdyger & Lev Voices

A live and upbeat throwback to a few select Mordechai Ben David oldies, Featuring his nephew Sruly Werdyger, Performed at a recent wedding by Yidi Gross Productions Featuring the famous Lev Choir.


Music: Yidi Gross Production
Choir: Aba Berkowitz – Lev Choir
Notation Adapted by: Yidel Rosenfeld
Post Production: Fragish Studios
Mixed by: V-Gold Beat Productions
Video: Motty Engel
Edited by: BenHesh Studios

Keys: Yidi Gross
Guitar: Yidel Rosenfeld
Sax: Avrumi Basch
Trumpets: Ben Holmes, Amir Cohen
Trombone: Danny Flam

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