Missle Response Training Exercise Held in Netanya Factory

A missile attack response exercise took place this morning in the Netanya “Tempo” factory. The plant stores ammonia tanks for the purpose of cooling processes, and for this reason the plant is required to practice in front of emergency and rescue officials.

Attendees at the exercise were the fire brigades, Home Front Command, Ministry of the Environment, the Municipality of Netanya, Israel Police and United Hatzalah volunteers, some of whom work at the plant.

Micki Hemlsdorf, a United Hatzalah volunteer, explained that a simulation of an explosion of one of the transmission pipelines and leakage of refrigerant due to rockets hitting the factory was done throughout the training. They then practiced the evacuation of workers from the compound, including a number of simulated casualties.

Photos courtesy of United Hatzalah Spokesperson


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