Munkatch Chasidim Release Two Songs Ahead of Wedding – Feat. Shimi Engel

Munkatch Chasidim released two brand new songs in honor of the upcoming wedding of the Munktach Rebbe’s granddaughter, a daughter of Munkatch Rosh Yeshiva; oldest son of Munkatch Rebbe, Rav Chaim Eluzer Rabinowitz. The songs are sung by the Munkatch choir led by Shimi Engel

The wedding will I”yh take place this Wednesday, Feb 1st at the Ateres Golda Hall in Boro Park.

  1. 01 Oid Yyishuma 3:50
  2. 02 Vezakeinu 4:50
Munkatch Rosh Yeshiva visits Rabunim ahead of the wedding


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