Nemouel Harroch in Tzidkiyahu’s Cave – Official Music Video – Eloikei

Nemouel Harroch, a Chabad chasid, was born and raised in France. Music in general, and specifically Chabad melodies, were part of his family life all week long, especially around the Shabbos table. A year ago, Nemouel released his first album “Hisgalut,” Which was a special musical encounter between old Chabad favorites and Nemouel’s new songs. The project has become a hit for Chabad Chassidim all around the globe.

Now Nemouel released a spectacular Music Video on his song “Eloikei,” composed by Yitzy Waldner. Watch the latest Music Video filmed in one of the most magnificent and unique locations in Yerushalayim – “Tzidkiyahu’s Cave”.

Watch and enjoy!

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