Olmert Faces New Probe Over Alleged Leak of Classified Documents

Yerushalayim (TPS) – Former prime minister Ehud Olmert faces a possible criminal investigation into the leak of classified information.

The State Prosecutor’s Office said Thursday that it had asked police to investigate whether Olmert had committed a criminal offense while incarcerated at Maasiyahu Prison in Ramle where he is currently serving a 27-month sentence for bribery and corruption.

According to a statement from the Prosecutor, the investigation is related to an autobiography the former prime minister has been writing while jailed, parts of which touch on sensitive security issues. The statement continued that one of Olmert’s attorneys was apprehended last month with a chapter of the book dealing with a top secret security-related incident that the censor has banned in the past for publication.

Olmert was prime minister when Israel attacked a nuclear facility at Deir ez-Zor in Syria in 2007.

Police are investigating whether Olmert transferred classified information  to unauthorized parties. The State Prosecutor’s statement said Olmert had received multiple warnings and added that the leak of classified information could cause serious damage to state security.

Olmert’s attorney’s said at the time however that the book had been submitted to the censor.

“The book in its entirety has been handed over to the censor and Mr. Olmert has no intention of publishing anything without the approval of the censor. Mr. Olmert has not released or published any other classified material beyond material for the book,” his lawyers said.

Earlier Thursday, police raided the Rishon Lezion offices of Yediot Books, Olmert’s publisher in a search for classified documents  related to the case.

In light of the developments, the State Prosecutor’s Office asked for a parole hearing for Olmert that had been scheduled for Sunday to be postponed. However, the Parole Board turned down the request and the hearing will go ahead as scheduled.  Olmert’s sentence runs until June 2018.

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