Oorah Torahmate Retreat at TheZone Campus

It’s hard to balance a fun and exciting program with inspiration and growth-oriented learning. It’s hard to create a program that caters to both kiruv and frum participants. But, at this past week’s Men’s TorahMates retreat, the TorahMates division of Oorah did it again!

The retreat began Friday afternoon and continued through Monday morning. The getaway took place on TheZone campus, with hundreds of TorahMates participants, study partners who learn over the phone for half an hour a week. The weekend was an opportunity for TorahMates to bond and meet with each other, some for the first time. The unity displayed was remarkable, as guests from all backgrounds and religious affiliations joined together to learn and grow.

There were inspiring divrei torah and programs throughout shabbos, from the dueling rabbis and live TorahMates learning, to ask the rabbi sessions and reflections on being a TorahMate. The comfortable and beautiful facilities and recreational activities such as horseback riding, zip lining, boating and more made the TorahMates retreat a recharging vacation for all participants.

TorahMates is a study program partnering volunteers with those who wish to learn more about their heritage for one-on-one learning. It’s just half an hour a week over the phone at a time convenient for you, on the topic of your choice. Make a difference in someone’s life. Become a Torahmate today! Visit torahmates.org , email info@torahmates.org or call 1-877-torah-123


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