Palestinians Admitted to INTERPOL as Member “State”

by Andrew Friedman/TPS

The Palestinian Authority has been admitted as a member state to the International Police Organization (INTERPOL),  an intergovernmental organization that facilitates cooperation between law enforcement bodies in member states.

Seventy-five member states voted in favor of the move, 24 opposed and 34 abstained.

The vote, which took place at a meeting of the organization’s General Assembly meeting in Beijing, was a stinging setback for Israel. Israel, with the support of the United States, had been trying to block the Palestinians’ attempt to join the international law enforcement body, arguing that membership in the organization is limited to independent countries, whereas the Palestinian Authority does not have sovereignty.

In addition to the symbolic victory of recognition as an independent state on the international stage, as a member state of INTERPOL the Palestinians will have access to intelligence information about Palestinian and Islamic terror groups in Israeli and other member states.

In addition, the membership could aid Palestinian attempts to detain Israeli officials and senior IDF officers overseas.

”The decision to admit the Palestinians to INTERPOL can play in favor of Israel,” terrorism expert Shimon Carmi from the Academic College in Tzfas told Tazpit Press Service (TPS) “From now on, Palestinians will have the right to access intelligence information, but they will also have to share their information with other countries. Israel, as a result, may have more access to information about Palestinians on its wanted list.”

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