Pinky Weber, Mezamrim Choir & Blue Melody – Ezkeru

In the spirit of the Yomim Noraim we present you with a beautiful rendition of one of Pinky Weber’s own compositions originally on the album “Oirois” – by Yisroel Adler. Be inspired by this orchestral performance of more than 30 musicians and singers on stage uniting in one voice “מתי תשיבנו אליך עוד”. May Hashem bring us close to Him and hear our tefilos during these Yomim Noraim!!

We Ask Hashem:
Please remember those days, ,אזכרה ימים מקדם
When will you bring us close to you again?? ,מתי תשיבנו אליך עוד
Even when I’m in pain, or going through troubles, ,הלא אם אני ברדם
My Heart longs for you!! !לבי רוכב אליך מאד

Arranged and Conducted by: Eli Lax
Produced by: Chilu Posen and Eli Lax
Performed by: Blue Melody Group, Pinky Weber, and Mezamrim
Video by: Motty Engel

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