Your Seder Won’t be Stressful with Rabbi Ben Tzion Shafier’s Handbook (Free Download)

Rabbi Ben Tzion Shafier, Founder and Director of and Tiferes Bnei Torah, has launched a free Hilchos Seder Guide this week. Comprised of two audio downloads, a handbook and quiz questions for review, it promises to take the stress out of the Sedarim in a clear and engaging format.

Rabbi Shafier explains “I was hearing too many stories of families arguing over the size of lettuce, how much wine had to be drunk, what time you had to be finished by etc. It was causing a lot strain and friction during what’s meant to be a joyful time. The halachos are straight-forward, there’s no need for anxiety. By following the download and taking a few minutes to review the halachos in the hand book, everyone can be confident and ready for the Seder.”

The Hilchos Seder Guide has already proved to be popular with both fans of The Shmuz and new users, and is available until Pesach exclusively at


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