‘Regional Bikur Cholim’ Achievement Event, Celebrates Success of Heal-A-Thon Campaign

Upstate NY—Two weeks after Regional Bikur Cholim’s Achievement Event of July 12th at the luxurious Mahwah Sheraton Hotel, the evening is still on everyone’s lips. For those heroes and donors that experienced it in person, this was an evening to be remembered for a lifetime.

The occasion for this event was to express appreciation for successfully reaching the “Day of the Children” and completing the goal of the Heal-A-Thon 2016 Campaign in raising half a million dollars to benefit the children. This first-time campaign opens a new chapter in the lives of over 700 children of homes in our community that are experiencing crises and require a supreme effort to ensure they develop into healthy adults, physically and emotionally.

Over the years, Regional Bikur Cholim has been involved in untold numbers of cases of ill and dysfunctional families. Its staff has witnessed firsthand the suffering of the children in these homes, which in many cases borders on true hatzolas nefashos. The organization has seen lots of success in assisting these children through a comprehensive program of physical support, emotional counseling and such mundane aid as babysitting and homework assistance.

This was the motivation for this year’s Heal-A-Thon Campaign to raise the enormous funds that are urgently needed to provide the vital services of professionals and the other programs offered by Regional Bikur Cholim to rehabilitate these precious children.

Fortunately, dozens of loyal “Heroes” joined the campaign, enthusiastically setting themselves private goals of how much they intend to raise for the campaign. This small army of volunteers then recruited their friends and relatives to join, using the unique campaign website as a platform to bring them together. This resulted in a network of hundreds of donors united for this truly special cause. The subsequent outpouring of love enabled the campaign to achieve its goal in record time.

Boruch Hashem, Tuesday, July 12th marked the “Day of the Children” when Regional Bikur Cholim accomplished its goal, bringing a ray of light and hope to brighten up the lives of so many families and their children.

In recognition of their tremendous efforts, the campaign heroes and the largest donors were invited to an exclusive gala event at the luxurious Mahwah Sheraton Hotel, centrally located in the heart of the upstate heimishe community. This was an extraordinary event in every sense of the word, both congenial and relaxing while simultaneously uplifting and energizing all of the participants.

The event began with an outdoor reception on the terrace among the trees and running water, accompanied by relaxing music. Afterward, the gathering moved inside for minchah, and then into the majestic ballroom that was masterfully arranged in a stunning visual display.

The poignant evening program began with opening remarks from the chairman, the popular Velvel Feldman; Yiddish Nachas Live presentation by the talented children’s choir led by Moshe Kraus and musical arranger extraordinaire Naftali Moshe Schnitzler accompanied by a full orchestra; heartwarming vocals by Shimie Engel; a performance by a child singing prodigy and a riveting presentation of the story of one case from the files of Regional Bikur Cholim.

The keynote address was delivered by Bikur Cholim’s Director Rabbi Asher Mendel Kahane. Finally, the event was rounded out by a performance of the renowned soloist Yossi Green. It was a colorful evening that blended hours of meaningful arrangements into a deeply moving production that is sure to be remembered.

We wish all of Klal Yisrael a healthy summer, and all of our children a healthier, brighter future.

Photos by [c] JDN

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