Report: Syrian Air Defense Systems Set Off by US-Israel Cyber Attack

By Yona Schnitzer/TPS

Israeli jets attacked targets near Homs in the early hours of Tuesday morning, firing several missiles at the Shay’rat Airbase, Syrian State media said, however hours later a commander in the regional military alliance that backs the Syrian government told the Reuters news agency that a cyber attack had caused a false alarm, resulting in air defense missiles being fired, and and there had been no attack on Syria.

The commander, who remained unnamed, told Reuters that Israel and the United States had launched “a joint electronic attack” on Syrian radar systems, which had been dealt with by Russian experts.

Earlier Tuesday, Syrian state media reported that Israeli jets attacked targets near Homs in the early hours of the morning, firing several missiles at the Shay’rat Airbase. The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) said Syrian air defenses had managed to shoot down at least nine Israeli missiles. SANA did not say whether any missiles had hit their target.

While the SANA report claimed Israel had targeted Syrian military positions at the Shay’rat Airbase – which was hit by the US in 2017 after the Syrian regime used chemical weapons – the pro-regime Al-Masdar News website said it had been told by a Syrian military source that the target was actually the T-4 Military Airport, as several explosions were heard in that area.

Just over a week ago, Israel reportedly hit the T-4 base, killing at least 14 people, including several Iranian military advisers. Iran has publicly blamed Israel for the attack, vowing to take revenge.

Russia also blamed Israel for that strike, with Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov calling it a “very dangerous development.”

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