Shin Bet Uncovers Hamas Cell Planning Kidnapping and Shooting Attacks – Video

Jerusalem (TPS) – The Shin Bet (Israeli Security Agency), in cooperation with the IDF, Border Police and security forces uncovered on Thursday a Hamas cell who had planned shooting attacks and abductions to use as bargaining chips in exchange for the release of prisoners.

“The cell’s exposure shows the serious motivation of Hamas operatives to carry out serious terror attacks, including kidnappings and shooting,” the Shin Bet released in a statement.

The cell was composed of Hamas members mostly from Chevron and Tzurif and included 58-year-old security prisoner Ibrahim Abdallah Ganimat, who is currently serving a life sentence for his involvement in a string of deadly attacks in the 1990s, including the kidnapping and murder of IDF soldier Sharon Edry. The investigation revealed that the cell was carrying out operations in preparation of attacks, for example, close monitoring of the IDF forces in Tzurif.

The leader of the cell, Shadi Ibrahim Ganimat, Ibrahim’s son, was arrested along with his brother Fadi Ibrahim Ganimat and Muhammad Mahmoud Ganimat, and Ibrahim’s son-in-law, all are residents of Tzurif.

Additionally, the security forces arrested Hatim Na’im Hamidan from Jaba’, who helped concealing the weapons, Jad Sultan of Hebron, the arms dealer who supplied weapons to the cell, and Rami Rajoub, a resident of Dura who had planned abductions with Ibrahim Ganimat while they were in prison together.

The interrogations of the cell members also led to the seizure of several weapons, including two Kalashnikov rifles, three pistols, a shotgun, a long M-16, a short M-16, cartridges, and ammunition.

The military prosecutor is expected to issue indictments against the detainees in the coming days.


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