Simcha Jacoby – The Ivri Anochi/Schar Mitzvah Mix

Ivri Anochi- Schar Mitzvah. Two great songs. Two great music arrangements. What happens when you sing these songs on the opposite music tracks? It works! And it gives it a whole new feel! It’s all because the style and the music are very similar to each other. The Ivri Anochi/Schar Mitzvah Mix featuring Simcha Jacoby, starts with the Ivri Anochi song to the music from the Schar Mitzvah song. The second song Schar Mitzvah is sung to the music of Ivri Anochi. These two great songs and music tracks along with Simcha Jacoby’s powerful voice are sure to make you sing, dance and chap noch a mitzvah cause you’re an ivri!

Ivri Avochi originally recorded by: Benny Friedman- Composed by: Ari Goldwag
Schar Mitzvah originally recorded by: Mordechai Shapiro- Composed by Elie Schwab

All Vocals by: Simcha Jacoby recorded at B’simcha Studios, Toronto, Canada

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