Sruly Werdyger & Meshorerim Choir – Mi Sheasa Nisim – Avrumi Berko Production

Sruly Werdyger & Meshorerim Choir with Avrumi Berko Production present to you the classic hit song “Mi Sheoso Nissim” from MBD’s Double Album. The song was composed by Yossi Green and originally sung by Mordechai Ben David.¬†This song was recorded live at Tiferes Rivka in Boro Park.

Music Arranged by: Avrumy Berko
Choir Arranged by: Aba Berkowitz
Saxophone: Shlomi Cohen
Trumpet: Justin Mullens
Trombone: Daniel Flam
Guitar: Pini Mandel
Mixed by Avrumi Berko
Video by BenHesh Studios

Video credit: Shiezoli

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