Stuck on a Long El Al Flight? Try Torah Live!

Heathrow Airport – Dozens of families shuffle through the aisles of their El Al flight and stuff their bags above and below their seats, as kids push their way to the windows, and finally settle in.

Five hours to Ben Gurion International Airport can be a long, challenging trip for Torah observant passengers who want to avoid the immodest in-flight entertainment.

It’s even more difficult to shield religious travelers on the longer, 10.5 hour flight from New York, or similar cross-ocean journeys. More often than not, customary airline entertainment directly conflicts with Torah ideals.

“Trips to Eretz Yisrael are supposed to be uplifting and inspirational,” says Rabbi Dan Roth,  founder and visionary force of the trail-blazing Torah Live Jewish educational film company. “Soiling this experience on the plane to or from Israel is the antithesis of what, we hope, will be a meaningful family adventure.”

Now, thanks to a partnership between El Al, Israel’s national carrier, and Torah Live, passengers have a choice of value-based entertainment that brings subjects of Torah, Jewish heritage and eternal wisdom to audiences in a modern trend-setting manner.


Over the past eight years, Torah Live has produced ever-expanding and more ambitious high-quality films about Judaism, for both children and adults. The organization has brought Torah education to a new innovative level in line with the fast-paced millennial feel of worldly films.

Using the language of our modern hi-tech generation, Torah Live reaches students worldwide in 500 schools and institutions across the globe, plus hundreds of synagogues and organizations.

Its partnership with El Al, Israel’s national carrier, was the natural next step. In 2015, Torah Live provided El Al with four hours of programming. In its first three months, 20,000 viewers chose Torah Live films over other airline programming. Since then, more than 125,000 flyers have viewed Torah Live movies.

Moreover, many passengers became regular Torah Live viewers after their flights. An educator from New Jersey was so inspired by what he saw in-flight, he ordered a teacher’s license upon landing. Another educator said that his mother-in-law insisted he try out Torah Live after she watched a video on one of her trips.

Today, a passenger on El Al flights with individual touch screens can choose from eight hours of ground-breaking films that explore Jewish content, using cutting edge technology, engaging scripts, exciting animation and first-class special effects.

Passengers can now learn about kashrus, tefillin, sefer torah, traveling and other subjects in a truly fascinating way.

Rabbi Yochanan Hayut, El Al’s company Rabbi, noted, “El Al receives lots of feedback from passengers that they watch and are very satisfied with the Torah Live videos.”

How appropriate that the national airline of the Jewish State is the only airline that provides Jewish content in its programming.

You can view Torah Live films on ElAl touch screens, or on flights with their in-flight Dreamstream app, by selecting: Israeli content > Traditional > Video > Torah Live.

In addition, off-flight TorahLive subscriptions can be bought on Torah Live’s Site and some videos are available for online rental at MostlyMusic.


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