Shocking Footage: Critical Moments Lost After Man has Heart Attack in Boro Park

A person collapses from a heart attack in the heart of Boro Park, but for some reason, people just keep on passing by for five minutes, doing nothing while noticing the person laying on the ground!

“Moment Magazine” got hold of the recording and featured this shocking incident as this week’s cover story, bringing awareness to the incident in the hope of preventing it in the future.

The incident occurred last week Friday on 51th st between 14 and 15th Ave. in Boro Park.

The Hatzalah member that eventually responded to the call (a neighbor “happened” to come down from her 3rd-floor apartment and called Hatzalah) said that in all his years volunteering for Hatzalah he had never seen such a thing. He said that for a code one alert there is usually a response within a few seconds. This apparently means that no one called Hatzalah until then.

There have been false rumors spreading claiming the worst has happened. Baruch Hashem the situation has stabilized. He is currently in the ICU section in Maimonides Hospital.

The name for Tehilim is Yecheskel Shraga Ben Ruchel Esther.

Update: He has Baruch Hashem since left the hospital. The doctors are saying that it’s miraculous that there was no brain damage.

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