Miracle in Yerushalayim: Anti-Terror Posts Prevent Deadly Accident

A miracle occurred yesterday near Kikar Zvhill in Yerushalayim. A man lost control of his vehicle near a packed bus stop in the area nearly causing a tragedy. The only thing that prevented him from ramming into the bus stop were the anti-terror posts recently installed at the location to prevent terror attacks.

Emergency Medical Volunteers of United Hatzalah provided first aid to two lightly wounded.

Nati Austeri, an ambucycle unit with United Hatzalah reported: “it’s a miracle that it ended like this. The vehicle was stopped by the posts placed in close proximity to the station to prevent terrorist ramming attacks that occurred in the past in the immediate vicinity. Together with other volunteers, we provided first aid to the driver and the passenger who was with him who had been lightly wounded. The bus stop was full of people who left from a simcha at the nearby Zvhill hall.”

Photos courtesy of Chadashot 24 News

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