Yisroel Adler Presents: The Rebbe’s Tzamah Nafshhi – A Toldos Aharon Melody

This beautiful tune comes from the Toldos Aharon chassidic court, where it is sung on Friday nights by the chassidim at the Friday night Tish. The song is known as one of longing and intense yearning.

“I first heard this song at a simcha,” says Yisroel Adler, “and it touched me to the extent that I just couldn’t let go. I found myself humming it day and night. The more I sang it, the more I became aware of additional nuances it enfolded.”

I connected with this song deeply and realized that if it touched me so much, there’s no doubt that when it would be released to the public, it would be a source of real inspiration for many more Yidden.

I soon called my producer, Yossi H. And the outstanding musical arranger Yehudah Glili, and we immediately started working on this project. we then got Pinchas Bichler and Malchus choir, alongside wonder child Yossi Weiss from Moshe Kraus’s Yiddish Nachas boys choir, and together we produced the song anew while preserving its essence and spirit, so that the listener will be touched by those same nuances that are not heard, but which construct the melody—for that ultimate, unadulterated musical experience.

Produced by: Yisroel Adler and Yossi H. | Music arranged by: Yehuda Glili | Choir by: Pinchas Bichler and Malchus Choir | Child solo: Yossi Weiss | Mixed and Mastered by: Eli (Ilya) Lishinsky | Recorded at: Jeff Horowitz, Zemirot and Tenor studios

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