Yossi Lebowitz – Kchoichvei Hashomayim – Full Album Preview

When Yossi Lebowitz released the first single “Keil Nekomois“ off his debut album back in March, the Jewish music world knew it was in for something new and fresh.

With the Summer here, what better time for a dose of something different. With that we Present the official audio sampler for Yossi Lebowitz’s debut album Kchoichvei Hashomayim.

This album literally has it all, from classic ballads featuring haunting Yisroel Lamm arrangements to hard rock songs with guitar solo’s from virtuoso Ari Boiangiu. The amassed talent featured on this album is astounding. Freilach band, Blue Melody Group, Eli Gerstner, Zemiros Group, Ian Freitor, Yidu Weinstock the list goes on and on. So prepare yourself to be taken on a musical journey, the Yossi Lebowitz experience.

Kchoichvei Hashomayim will be distributed by MRM Music and available for digital download in the next week or so.

Additional credits: Shiezoli
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