Zanvil Weinberger, Zmiros Choir, and Sympinny at the Bonei Olam Dinner – Zera Berach Hashem

In this new video from the Bonei Olam dinner this past summer, the Zemiros Choir is joined by Zanvil Weinberger, and child soloist Eli Koenig with his phenomenal range, to bring you a renewal on a classic Yossi Green composition.

The song ‘Berach Hashem’ was featured on Yeedle’s Shiru Lamelech album. Here it is, masterfully arranged by Pinny Ostreicher and the talented Sympinny Band.

Music Arranged and Conducted by Pinny Ostreicher
Adult Soloist: Zanvil Weinberger – Israel
Child Soloist: Eli Koenig – Monsey
Adult Choir: Zemiros Group
Audio, Mix & Master: Ruli Ezrachi

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