ARI GOLDWAG & SHEVES CHAVERIM – SHIR USHVACHA – Hanukkah – ארי גולדוואג – שיר ושבחה


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Produced, directed and script written by Sarah Gordon
Cinematography by Yirmiyahu Vann

Musical & Vocal production & arrangements by Ari Goldwag
Vocals by Sheves Chaverim:
Moshe Dov Goldwag, Avi Rubin, Yehoshua Rubin, Eliyahu Schneider, Yedidya Schneider

Shir Ushvacha composed by Rafi Gantshar

Distribution by Aderet Music –

Exhausted couple: Mr. & Mrs. Murray and Meryl Goldwag
Interested Gemara guys: Yosef Itzkowitz, Jack Strulowitz, Jeremy Packer
Seforim searcher: Jon Seltzer
Lost Wallet ATM-er: Izak Held
Stuck Tzitzis person: Jonah Zrihen
Crazy Fans: Jonah Zrihen, Yosef Itzkowitz & Netanel Raden

Filmed in Rav Shefa Mall in Jerusalem, Israel

יחסי ציבור: תומר כהן מיתוג תקשורתי ויחסי ציבור | 0504652595.

שיר ושבחה הלל וזמרה עוז וממשלה נצח גדולה וגבורה
תהילה ותפארת קדושה ומלכות ברכות והודאות
קל מלך גדול ומהולל בתשבחות קל ההודאות אדון הנפלאות
בורא כל הנשמות ריבון כל המעשים מלך יחיד קל חי העולמים

Song and praise, praise and song, strength and kingship, victory, greatness and strength
Praise and splendor, holiness and kingship, blessings and thanks
God, great King and praised with praises, God of gratitude, master of wonders
Creator of all souls, Master of all works, King, Unique, God who gives life to the worlds

Shir Ushvacha – a children’s video for the Chanukah (Hanukkah) season. A group of young men are sent on a mission to do good deeds – kindnesses – without being seen. In the process, they reveal the light of Hashem (God) which is reflected in the light of the Chanukah candles. This, in turn, serves to praise the name of God, as He is revealed through their goodness.

Thanks to the Treistman family for hosting us in their home
Thanks to Netiv Aryeh, Torat Shraga, and Yeshivat Reishit

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