Beri Weber – Belokim – Official Music Video | באלקים – בערי – קליפ רשמי | (old music video)


“Hello everyone! I’m excited to bring you a classic music video from my album “Beezras Hashem” – “Beilokim”!
This is the well-known and beloved clip that you all know and love. It was originally uploaded to YouTube on someone else’s account, Well, I’m happy to say that I’ve tracked down the rights and it’s now back where it belongs – on my channel for all to enjoy.
So let’s take a trip down memory lane and enjoy this old-school piece of music video history. Just don’t expect any fancy special effects or high-definition visuals – this is vintage all the way!
Thanks for watching!” – BERI

Composed: David Kaufman
Album: Beezras Hashem
Produced: Ruli Ezrachi
Filmed: Michael Stern
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©️ 2009, All Rights Reserved to Beri Weber

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