Birkas Kohanim Daily: an Unknown Early 1800’s Controversy in Brody | Rabbi Dr. Eliezer Brodt


0:00 Introduction
2:16 Intro to topic
3:16 Why is there no Birchas Kohanim daily outside of Eretz Yisroel?
8:34 Short Biography of R’ Efraim Zalman Margolis
10:47 Teshuvah of R’ Margolis about the lack of Birchas Kohanim daily
13:15 New manuscript discovery of the background of the Teshuvah of R’ Margolis
25:09 Dating the teshuvah
26:35 Wearing Rabbeinu Tam Tefillin
28:30 R’ Margolis historical work Maalot Hayuchsin
32:00 Ban against Chassidim
34:02 People learning Kabbalah who are not ready for it
34:20 Frankists, Prague, and R’ Eliezer Fleckles
39:09 R’ Dov Ber Bolichover
42:09 Revival of Birchas Kohanim during Sabbatian movement
43:25 Revival of Birchas Kohanim by the Gra & R’ Chaim Volozhiner
45:20 Revival of Birchas Kohanim of R Nosson Adler

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