Derech Emunah: A Brief History of Usage of Manuscripts of the Gemara Through the Ages


Season 2 of Rav Chaim’s Seforim Explored with Rabbi Dr. Eliezer Brodt has been generously sponsored by L’ilui Nishmas Moshe Chaim Ben Yitzchok Dovid.

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0:00 Introduction
2:40 – Additions to previous episodes
7:45 – What if the newly discovered Rishon has a new Girsa in the Gemarah?
8:51 – Beis Medrash and Otzar Midrashim Collections
12:35 – Rashi and Girsos: Based on what sources were his changes made?
17:41 – Sefer HaYashar of Rabbenu Tam
19:48 – Siddur Of R’ Shabsi Sofer and manuscripts
21:28 – Maharshal, his Chochmas Shlomo, and manuscripts
25:00 – Maharsha and Bach’s corrections: is it based on manuscripts?
26:00 – Was the Vilna Gaon’s corrections based on manuscripts?
28:10 – Early usage of manuscripts and the Korban Nesanel
30:22 – Chida and Manuscripts
32:15 – Beis Nosson of R Nosson Krongol
35:30 – The Story of the Dikdukei Sofrim

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