Dr. Rich Roberts – Don’t Make These Mistakes | Brutally Honest Money Advice from One of the World’s Wealthiest Jews


If you started from $0 today and wanted to get wealthy, what would you do?

What money mistakes prevent people from making money?

What is a smart approach to investing?

What should you do if three people approach you in a dark alley?

Who’s gonna win the presidency in 2024?

Meet Dr. Rich Roberts, an entrepreneur and philanthropist from Lakewood, NJ who sold his pharmaceutical business in 2012 for $800 million.

We asked him those questions and more at a sit-down in his home.

You can find Dr. Rich Roberts’ YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/@DrRichardRoberts

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  1. I am very happy I heard the exact excerpt Hashem wanted me to hear & finally understand….Many, many years ago someone suggested I write a letter….At least now I can sympathize with the reason behind it. One question: Did any rav endorse this decision & was it meant to be used across the board? And who decided the “verdict” for each handwritten plea?

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