D’Tzach – Shmueli Ungar & Hershy Weinberger – Feat. Yoeli Klein, Shaya Gross and Naftali Schnitzler


Known composer Hershy Weinberger was on phone call with Shaya Gross to create a memorable gift of song for a mutual friend of theirs by the name ‘Boruch Miller’ that recently got married, Shaya being busy at the moment gave over his phone to Singer Yoeli Klein that open’s with him a conversation about the concept and message of Reb Yehuda’s Simunim we call out when we recite the Hagada “D’Tzach A’Dash B’Achav” and that we have to make something on this concept, where Yoeli starts to open his well of one by one stunning verses brought by Tzadikim & Gedolim on the deep meaning of these Simunim said by Reb Yehuda.

One of them that really touched everyone’s heart that Tzadikim use to say, with every Makah here in Golus, every smack we get helps us to get closer to the Geulah the final redemption, here after the passing of Rav Chaim Knievsky, here with deadly teror attack’s taking the lives of incent Bnei Brak residents we ask one question: When will Mashiach Come!

This one really gave Hershy some amazing tunes to be born in his mind while thinking of the deep message, when he recorded it’s demo and sent for his friends Naftali, Shmueli, Shaya they all agreed to one thing: This needs to be released immediately!

To make it’s story short, within a week from Composing the song we’re ready to present to you now: The Ultimate World Collab of Shmueli Ungar, Yoeli Klein, Hersy Weinberger, Shaya Gross & Naftali Schnitzler “D”Tzach”!

Composed & Lyrics by Hershy Weinberger & Shaya Gross
Music & Vocals Produced & Arranged by Naftali Schnitzler @ A House Of Music
Additional Vocals Produced & Recorded by Eli Klein & Yitzy Berry
Cover Design by Naftali Mann
PR/Marketing: Sruly Meyer
Visualization by ArrangeI[WordFiltered]dia

Thanks to Yossi Shick Label.


Source: YouTube (Embedded).
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