Ein Zeh Hastara | Mendy Worch | TYH Nation (Acapella)


TYH Music / Mendy Portnoy

Based on the beautiful song Afilu Behastara, the Bal Shem Tov explains the deeper idea that if you KNOW someone is there but he’s hiding, then you know you’re not alone.

When a Yid remembers that Hashem tells us “ I will hide my face from you” he is given the AWARENESS that Hashem is always here just hiding, and through that knowledge all is revealed and nothing is Hidden at all ❤️

אם ידע אדם שהשם מסתתר שם, אין זה הסתרה כלל

Produced, arranged and Mixed by Mendy Portnoy
Backing Vocals: Mendy Portnoy

Source: YouTube (Embedded).
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